Tips to Play Slots Brothers Kingdom Easy to Win

Tips to Play Slots Brothers Kingdom Easy to Win

As seen in the Paytable image above, of course you have to target your game to get “Wild” and “Scatter”. And other symbols like green kingdom, if you get 5 you will be paid 500 thousand. It all depends on your bet too. Because I used 10k bet.

Once you understand how to calculate Paytable, you should know the bar to clarify your winnings, the bar is like the example below.

Slot189 paytable bar This is the bar in this game that you should know. Because it is a winning point for you. But don’t worry because spadegaming judi online already use automatic mode, if you win it will be calculated immediately and your winnings will go into the live balance of the Brothers Kingdom slot game, you have to know but don’t need to memorize it, because every Brothers Kingdom slot has a different bar, if you forget , please click the exclamation mark in the options section, a display will appear as above.

Playing Brothers Kingdom slots is expected not to follow the thirst for victory, place bets wisely and safely so that your slot game is maximized. Never try to “All in” or place all your bets because it is very dangerous for you.

You can also use the Double Bet betting method. How to play is quite easy, for example, you have a balance of 100 thousand. And you place a bet of 1000 Rupiah. Then you lose please increase your bet to 2k. If you lose again increase to 4k and if you lose again increase always 4k to 8k at x2 of the last bet, so if you win you get a faster return on investment.

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