Odds Comparison – Increase Your Wins

Odds Comparison – Increase Your Wins

After being in sports betting for about 23 years, you’ve seen things like hairy chimpanzees knocking out a horse race winner 10 times in a row, leaving me with severe insomnia problems. I’ve also experienced the tremendous growth of the internet and especially noticed the difference it has made in the sports betting community.

When I started my sports betting journey in the early 80s, my dad took me to the local bookmaker /pub “The Winning Post”. This was at the center of my life for a year or so until I accidentally noticed that the odds for some races and games were vastly different at different stakes in a neighboring town. I saw that I could make 30-40% more of my wins in some matches, so I started to compare.

Today instead of taking my bike to a neighboring town for odds comparison, I’m out of sorts for maybe just sitting in front of my laptop and using one of those wonderful creations called odds comparison tool. These tools make me unhealthy but better off financially so I can buy a treadmill.

I’m always surprised when I meet people who bet online but don’t use this comparison tool because it’s easy and can increase your winnings by up to 40% on some games. Take the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Philadelphia Eagle (20:00 (ET) 8/15/2005), Betcris offers +132 and Pinnacle Sports +145, 13 points difference on the same result. (www.sportUS.com).

These days when withdrawal fees are disappearing and depositing is getting easier, there is very little stopping you from switching to the sportsbook with the best odds. Plus, the sportsbooks actually give you a pretty good bonus when you sign up!
Just select your game and open the comparison tool, there you choose among all the major sportsbooks and follow the link to the one that offers the best odds and/or sign-up bonuses.

Of course there are several comparison tools out there, two great ones being SportUS.com and Sportspunter.com. Both are very broad and easy to use. Since I live in the US at the moment, I really like  which focuses on American sports betting, in fact I often freelance for them. Sportspunter.com is also an excellent resource, especially for UK bettors.

We all do it when it comes to buying electronics, so why not shop around and look for the best deals when betting?

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