How to Play Joker123 God of Lightning Slot Game

How to Play Joker123 God of Lightning Slot Game

Hello everyone, meet again with the admin on this occasion. Of course, for those of you who like to play slots, you must try this God of Lightning slot game because the Joker123 game can be played online.

With its captivating performance and charming players, this game is sure to become a popular game for people to play . Joker123 which is a fish shooting game now has several hundred games that are played by many people.

This Lightning slot covers the topic of the god of thunder with a show of statues, heavenly palaces, fans, and dragon swords.

For how to play still don’t understand? This game is not difficult. You need to place an existing bet and press the more (+) and less (-) buttons to set the bet in the game slot88 online.
The basic rule in slot games that is important to know is the calculation of the bet you want to place when playing. Due to the graphic payout settings, you definitely don’t want to waste your chances while playing.

How to play Joker123 God of Lightning Slot Game

  • Register Game Slots Joker123 Online

The steps to register to create an ID account are also quite easy. You only need to visit our site and contact customer service in the live chat section because later you will be given a registration form to immediately create an account.

It is enough to fill in some correct and correct data because the account creation process is getting faster. The advantages of this God of Lightning slot game ? Any border symbol or arrow frame can expand the mix of symbols you encounter when pushed by a scatter of framed symbols.

All wins in this game will be paid out after all symbols are widened and wins will be calculated equally according to the reels and the overall combination you get.

Here you can see the calculations that you can get with the bets you want to make so that those of you who are reading this article can benefit from playing this God of Lightning Slot.

Symbol Letter A 5 Symbol = x15.00
4 Symbol = x4.50
3 Symbol = x0.90

Symbol Letter K
5 Coat = x9.00
4 Symbol = x4,50
3 Symbol = x0,90

Letters Q and J. Symbol
5 Symbol = x6.00
4 Symbol = x3.00
3 Symbol = x0.60

Symbol Number 10
5 Symbol = x6.00
4 Symbol = x3.00
3 Symbol = x0.60

Symbol Number 9
5 Symbol = x6.00
4 Symbol = x1.50
3 Symbol = x0.30

fan symbol
5 Symbol = x90.00
4 Symbol = x45.00
3 Symbol = x3.00

Stone Sword and Shield Statue
5 Symbols = x60.00
4 Symbols = x30.00
3 Symbols = x3.00

Stone Lion Statue Coat
5 Symbols = x45.00
4 Symbols = x15.00
3 Symbols = x1.20

Temple Gate Emblem
5 Symbol = x30.00
4 Symbol = x6.00
3 Symbol = x0.90

WILD (Dragon Symbol) = Can be changed to any symbol (Like the Joker on playing cards)

Scatter (God of Lightning Symbol)
5 Symbols = x90.00
4 Coats = x18.00
3 Symbols = x3. 60

Every time you get 3,4 or 5 scatters, you will be given 10 free spins and added to the accumulation of each scatter you get about 3 symbols so you can get unlimited free spins if you are lucky.

Nach so you can decide for yourself how many bets you want to place on this game. The lines provided in this game are 243 lines.

Minimum bet to spin is 0.30 coins (Rp 300) and optimal bet is 150.00 coins (Rp.150.000)

So don’t wait too long, try to join us immediately and don’t forget to invite your friends to join, only this time there are still those who don’t know the benefits that can be obtained from this online Joker123 slot game.

Thank you for the opportunity to read our article. I hope you can add a little information about online joker123 slots

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