How to Play Captian Rabbit Online Slot

How to Play Captian Rabbit Online Slot

Captian Rabbit from this Online Slot turned out to be adopting a battlefield. A war whose story is commanded by a rabbit. The picture also shows a rabbit holding a firearm like a rocket that is about to be launched with an annoyed facial expression. The rabbit that is the icon in this game is orange and stands up to shoot.

Game Slot Online Captian Rabbit

When you enter this game, you can see Captian Rabbit ‘s writing that uses a firm character which indicates that there is an adaptation to something difficult, namely war. The font also shows that.

Next, we take a look at some of the other important elements in Captian Rabbit’s appearance. The background of this online slot depicts tall buildings that look uninhabited. Moreover, the building where this online slot is located also looks like an old building. Then the device used looks like a combat vehicle that has controls on the left.

Furthermore, the symbols used are things related to war, such as bombs, pistols, rockets, grenades, tanks and the wild symbol is the image of the rabbit itself. The symbols for letters and numbers are A, Q, 10, J and several others. As for bonuses, there is a bullet box.

Captian Rabbit di Slot189

Of course, to play it is also very easy. Make sure you are logged in to the judi slot online site , then select a slot, select gameplay and select Captian Rabbit. Once you click it will go to a new tab. To play this also make sure you have flash player installed with the latest version, version 2020.

Some of the features that need to be considered are at the bottom starting from the left, namely the username, IDR Total Bet, IDR Win, IDR Balance and time information. Some of this information is information on how much money you have used and how much money you put in after winning this slot bet.

Play Captian Rabbit at Slot189 Indonesia

Next, there are line bet options in the form of a total bet value of 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40, and 0.60. if you want to win quickly, you can immediately bet at 0.60. Then, in the middle there is a rotating arrow symbol that indicates it will spin. In addition, spin can be done with auto spin, which means when it starts and stops automatically.

Captian Rabbit is a new game in gameplay, so maybe not many people know about it. Therefore, you should try the fun beta of playing this game. In addition, you also don’t have to bother waiting for success because there are lots of bonuses in it.

Hope you can play on our site comfortably and Happy Victory!!

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