Guide How to Play Sportsbook Online Gambling

Guide How to Play Sportsbook Online Gambling

To play or bet at a sportsbook , you are required to know about the navigation function and the odds market exchange.

From the image above shows there are three columns: main page, top menu and left menu.

Here we describe the navigation of the three sections.

– Region, Language and Market: Used to replace the region with two options between Asia & Europe. In addition it also serves to replace language and market.
– Time Zone: Local date and time.
– Icon (+): View a list of odds exchanges.
– Star Icon: The most featured game posted by members.
– Line icon (-): Changes the odds exchange display to two lines or a single line display.
– Speaker Icon: A voice will be heard if a goal is created in a match that is still going on in the odds market.
– TV Icons: Matches that take place live on TV and can also situs judi online be referred to as TV Match Schedules.
– Antenna Icon: Watch the match (live broadcast) online or can also be referred to as live streaming.
– My Bets: All types of bets that have been placed by members.
– Statement: History of victory/defeat of members (determined according to their own wishes).
– Balance: The total amount of credit (whether ongoing or not).
– Account: Login form for members.
– Announcements: Notifications to members about sports match information that have been postponed or canceled as well as ticket status.
– User: Account name member ID.
– Balance: The total balance that members have to bet.

– My Favorites: The section that shows your favorite matches from all available matches.
– Sports: Part of the types of sports available on the odss exchange.
– Ticket: The ticket ID number found on each of your bets. This number can be reported if an error occurs.
– My Bets: List of all your bets.
– No Pending Bets: This section shows tickets in progress.
– Markets: The section that shows the type of market for each sport in the odds exchange (such as football exchange, basketball exchange, boxing exchange and more).
– Sports Type: Indicates the types of games available.
– Parlay: The section that shows the Parlay Mix.
– Refresh: Feature to perform the latest update on the status of the odds exchange.
Home Page Navigation

Today – Live: Market odds to show ongoing sports matches.
Refresh: Latest update of odds exchange status.
Select League: An option for a league in a sport.
Today Non-Live: Market odds to show sports matches that have not yet taken place.

Asian Handicap Sportsbook (HDP)

Asian Handicap is a term derived from Asia for an unbalanced odds. The market will balance this by awarding (Fur) Points or goals before the match starts.

Examples of Asian Handicaps Between Germany and Belarus:

Below the HDP column is its voor, i.e. 2-2.5
The team that gives value to its opponent (ngevoor) is always red
While next to voor there is the number -1.030, which means the German BET/BET is subject to kei -1.030 & below it there is the number -1.050, meaning BET/BET Belarus is subject to kei -1.050
A small example with the result of the match Germany 3 -1 Belarus, we put the Germans 100,000, just click -1.030 then enter the value 100 in the column that appears (The number of balances required is 100 x 1,030 = 103, So if you win 100 and if you lose 103). Because the voor is 2-2.5, the result is a difference of only 2 goals, then we lose half (1/4 value is called Half Price). The calculation: (100 x 1.030): 2 = 51
Similarly, if we bet Belarus, we win half price

Kei (Tax) Viewing Guide
Kei/Tax consists of 2 types, namely:
You installed a team that has Kei Minus “The number is red and has a sign ( -)”
You installed a team that has Kei Plus (Numbers are black)
For example: Team A vs Team B
Bet On Team A
When we install Team A which has kei minus (-1.20).
Suppose you install Team A for 100rb
If Team A loses then you will be charged 1.20 x 100,000 = 120rb
If Team A wins then you only get 100,000

Bet On Team B
When we install Team B which has kei Plus (1.20)
Suppose you install Team B for 100,000
If Team B loses then you are only charged 100,000
If Team B wins then you will get 1.20 x 100,000 = 120,000

Mix Parlay is one of the games in the Sportsbook in the form of guessing. You are required to guess the outcome of several matches which you will then combine to get multiple prizes. For those of you who still do not understand how to play mix parlay, below we will provide a detailed explanation of how to play and how to calculate mix parlay.

Please login with your ID, then select the Football category on your left.

After entering the Football Options or Menu, select the Multiple Bet menu in Indonesian or Mix Parlay in English.

Some things to know in the game Mix Parlay are:
In a match mix, you can only select one odd in one match. For example Liverpool vs Sunderland, you are free to choose One between, Handicap, Over/Under, or host wins, series and guest wins either full time or half time
If a match is canceled, then Mix Parlay continues to run by removing the odd from the match
If you have difficulty when confirming the installation, it could be because there is an odd that changed, please check your partner’s odd
While this can only do Mix Parlay when the game has not started.
If there is a match that wins 1/2, then the calculation is [(odd value – 1) / 2] + 1 x the odd value of the next match
If there is a match that loses 1/2, then the calculation is 0.5 and then multiplied by the odd of the next match
In the parlay mix, you are required not to lose in any match (losing 1/2 still gets a prize) to get a prize
Mix Parlay calculation is: odd party 1 x odd party 2 x odd party 3 and so on x total bets
If the match is a draw, then the odd is not counted.

Here is an Example of Mix Parlay Calculation :

The explanation is as follows:
Let’s take the example of West Ham United vs Hull City = 1-0, Liverpool vs Sunderland = 3-0, Catania vs Napoli = 0-0, Fiorentina vs AC Milan = 0-1 and Juventus vs Parma = 2-0
So the prize that will be received is: 2.00 (odd West Ham) x 1.97 (Liverpool) x 1.92 (Catania) x 2.03 (AC Milan) x 2.04 (Juventus) = 31.32 x 13 (number of bets) = 407
Let’s take another example: the results of West Ham United vs Hull City = 0-0, Liverpool vs Sunderland = 3-0, Catania vs Napoli = 0-0, Fiorentina vs AC Milan = 0-0 and Juventus vs Parma = 2-0
So the prize that will be received is: 0.5 (West Ham lost 1/2) x 1.97 x 1.92 x [(2.03 – 1) / 2] (+ 1 = 1,515 (AC Milan) x 2.04 = 5.84 x 13 (total bet) = 75.98

For those of you who are still confused or have difficulty understanding the sportsbook, you can directly ask us through Customer support.

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