Extremely high jackpots, bet win multipliers and progressive jackpots are behind a complex calculation formula called the Random Number Generator (RNG) of online slot games. Is the RNG in every online slot game designed to make the dealer always win or is there a chance to break the formula? Let’s answer that question in this article.

RNG is a calculation to generate a random result from a set of numbers. Dice is one of the classic RNG tools with six-sided dice that gives you results from 1 to 6. Another way to generate random results is a deck of cards and double-sided coins.

Imagine rolling a six-sided dice and landing on 3. Calculating the probability of an outcome would likely consider any of the six sides to land on top, which means there’s a 16% chance of us getting a 3.

In the real world, there are many factors involved when calculating the probability of an actual dice result. Factors such as wind direction, surface flatness, throw angle, and more are taken into account when calculating the result. This natural RNG takes into account the surrounding conditions or “actual randomness” into the equation.

The live casino game Roulette is an example of a natural RNG used in the gambling industry. As the ball rotates around the wheel, the exposure of the ball to environmental factors such as the roughness of the material or the ambient temperature of the room contributes to the results.

Some mathematicians have succeeded in creating a statistical probability pattern to predict the natural RNG results of slot games so accurately. Then technological advances made online bookies increase the complexity of the RNG with a formula called PRNG.

Unlike natural RNGs, virtual RNGs are not affected by ambient conditions/natural factors. In order to simulate randomness and ostensibly influenced by natural factors, PRNG results are derived from short initial values ​​through complex equations. Using a root or key value, PRNG games create random sequences that have no predictable pattern.

While computer-generated root values ​​are efficient at generating highly random online slots results, they are still not true “randomness” as the algorithm is based on digital simulations. On the other hand, PRNGs are a cost-effective way for software providers and slot machine manufacturers to reproduce authentic random results.

With two different RNG methods, how does this apply to online slot online terpercaya games? What calculations are going on behind the scenes of a computer or slot machine every time you click or hit the spin button?

The seed or key number determines the result of the slot game RNG digitally and is the basic value of the PRNG algorithm. As you spin, the slot machine system uses the key numbers in a long, complicated equation to determine which symbols will appear on the payline.

Note that even though the equation is complex, every online slot seed number yields the same result. Programmers and developers require each seed to produce its own results to find and fix/debug errors in the program. On the other hand, a single seed can generate more than one random result to simulate natural entropy.

Taking randomness into account, how does the online slot machine’s RNG algorithm determine the seed numbers? A common factor is the time on the system between PRNG algorithms to produce seeds. While there are other ways for PRNG among online slot machine algorithms to determine seed numbers, they are also setup in a way that creates unpredictable results.

Although online slots don’t have the state of a real physical slot machine , in order to generate results with natural entropy, programs can take advantage of cryptographic hash functions to produce unexpected results such as SHA-1 or MD6. Although not close to the results of natural factors, with the use of the laws of quantum mechanics, this method can accurately recreate the results of physical randomization methods. In the case of online slot providers, their method of how they generate random numbers is kept secret from anyone.

An example of simulated randomization can even be achieved on paper via John von Neumann’s middle square method. For computer languages ​​such as PHP, Python, and Ruby, a common way to generate results is Mersenne Twister’s PRNG method which can generate “statistical” randomness.

PRNGs with random number sequences used for online slot games can be tested with the Chi-Squared Test. If the PRNG calculation is well within the Goodness of Fit parameter, the algorithm may produce unexpected results.


Forget the lure of beautiful photo online gambling sales who are desperately looking for players, promising you a winning gacor slot by making a deposit via the referral link by sending messages to your Whatsapp repeatedly. No one can predict, hack or have cheat codes from online slot machines. Almost every PRNG online slot in all popular casinos has unpredictable patterns. Players cannot influence the seed or outcome by setting a specific bet amount or pressing the autoplay/play button in a specific order.

You don’t have to act extreme in playing
Be consistent with the bet value that fits your budget
Playing continuously is like putting a wide net into the sea to catch fish. The longer you play, the more you increase your chances of meeting the slot game and getting the results that give the best payouts in the game.
Determine the winning value you want to achieve at the beginning before starting to play, then stop playing after winning. Hold on, continue the next day.
Choose a safe online slot bookie, proven to pay regardless of the value of your winnings.

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