Casino Rogue – Get Rid of Your Money!

Casino Rogue – Get Rid of Your Money!

Naughty online casinos seem to be everywhere! But what is it?

“Rogue casino” is a term that describes an online casino that for whatever reason is inconsistent with normal and appropriate online casino behavior.

A good and frequent example is online casinos that don’t pay out the money you win or deposit. The problem starts when you request a withdrawal. Then any excuse under the sun is given to those who cannot fulfill your request.

The usual reason is that they don’t have your withdrawal details, even though you’ve sent them to them dozens of times. Other reasons include that they have an “administrative” or “system” problem or that they have mailed a check and it may have been lost in the mail.

I’ve even heard an excuse that they recently had to pay a huge jackpot, which affected their cash flow and therefore they could only fulfill withdrawal requests at the end of the month! Extraordinary! Do you really want to play in a casino (online or offline) that is having cash flow problems?

Now sometimes even a good casino can face some of the problems mentioned above. The glaring difference is how they deal with it. They fixed it quickly and with minimal fuss.

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of rogue casinos on the internet today. And they seem to be proliferating.

What does this mean for you, casino visitor?

Well, simply you *should* do some research before choosing an online casino. After all, you are not going to deposit your money in the bank before checking the bank first.

So how do you know if an online casino is reputable?

* 1. Check out the casino website. Read everything, especially the terms and conditions. You don’t want to be surprised later by unclear conditions for payment!

Remember, if a website looks unprofessional, it’s usually a good indication that the company behind it is too.

* 2. Call the casino. Email their customer support with any questions or concerns. A good casino responds within 24 hours and will bend over backwards to solve your problem.

This is the casino you want to play at. At least now you know that when you have a real problem, it gets resolved quickly and without a hitch.

* 3. Ask people. If you know someone who plays at a casino you’re interested in, ask them!

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