Benefits of Kemin for Diseases in Cockfighting

Benefits of Kemin for Diseases in Cockfighting

Cockfighting when fought in a cockfighting arena, when dueling with the opponent. Of course there will be external injuries, such as scratches, lacerations, it has become a common thing that will be experienced by every fighting cock. You, as owners of fighting cocks, are also used to taking care of your injured fighting cocks. Of course, people who participate in cockfighting activities must be able to take care of their chickens when they are fighting. But not only that, every fighting cock will certainly also experience internal injuries that are sometimes unknown to the owner. In fact, internal injuries are more dangerous than external wounds.

So, as owners of fighting cocks, there should be more attention to your fighting cocks. so that their health and fitness are maintained and can still participate in the cockfighting activities. But sometimes chicken owners don’t know how to treat chickens that have internal injuries. They are confused about how to take care of it, whether they are given betadine or given anti-biotic or anti-septic drugs. Well, therefore here I will explain to you how to treat a simple internal wound to your fighting cock. That is, you simply use turmeric as an ingredient, and you can cure some diseases in fighting cocks.

Can Stabilize Body Temperature When Heat Becomes Normal

The first benefit that you can get from turmeric for internal diseases from fighting cocks is to stabilize body temperature. In other words, this turmeric can reduce the body temperature of your fighting cock which is initially high or when it is hot inside. Once upon a time, your fighting cock will definitely experience what is called internal heat, whether it’s due to changing weather factors or other problems. So, to get rid of that situs judi terpercaya heat, you can use turmeric as an antidote. Or when in a fight, and when the game is over. Of course, your fighting cock will feel hot, to get rid of the heat, you just need to add turmeric.

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Can Clean Leftover Dirt From The Digestive Tract

The second benefit that you can take from turmeric for your fighting cock is that this turmeric can clean the remaining dirt from the digestive tract. Sometimes we don’t know what our chickens eat when we leave. Surely there are many germs or dirty substances left in the digestive tract or intestines. If it is not cleaned, over time it will certainly have a bad impact on your fighting cock. That is certainly will be stricken with disease, therefore to prevent it. You should give turmeric to your fighting cock, so all the dirt in its digestive tract will be clean from before. bandar ceme

Can Prevent Excessive Bleeding And Blood Clots

The third benefit that you can take from turmeric is to get rid of internal diseases from your fighting cock. That is to stop the bleeding that occurs in your fighting cock and to prevent blood clots. Usually a fighting cock when fighting will bleed when hit by a blow from his opponent which makes him injured. If you experience a lot of bleeding, of course it is not good, because it can make the chicken will die. And the occurrence of blood clots is also not good for chickens, it can also make them die. Therefore, give your fighting cock turmeric so that the bleeding is not severe and there is no blood clot.

Can Release Gas In The Intestine

The last benefit that can be taken from turmeric for fighting cocks is that this turmeric can eliminate gas contained in the chicken intestines. Usually your fighting cock will experience internal disease, namely excess gas in his intestines. This of course is not good for your fighting cock, because it will make your fighting cock feel bad. Therefore you have to give turmeric to your fighting cock, so that the gas can come out.

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