Applying the Virtue of Philosophers for winning online gambling

Applying the Virtue of Philosophers for winning online gambling

Philosophers believe that the only way to achieve happiness is to always practice virtue and continue to enjoy it. Virtue itself consists of four things which are the main pillars of wisdom (wisdom), courage (courage), justice (justice), and temperance (temperance).

You will get a wise attitude like a philosopher if you situs bola terpercaya have characteristics such as having common sense, good in calculation, intelligent, and wise. If you want to know how to apply wisdom to gambling games, then the method is very easy.
A wise gambler is not for money that can be lost at any time. They play with a specific purpose such as making a living for the family. In addition, the games they choose have also been well considered. Likewise with the number of bets that will be placed.

which is usually shown by philosophers, has five characteristics, namely high endurance, self-confidence, caring, joy, and perseverance. The form of application of the five main attitudes that form courage in gamblers is also not difficult to know. Just observe the people around you and you can do it yourself.
If you have ever participated in an 8 hour poker tournament, then that is an example of high endurance. Playing for a long time, of course, you also have to have good confidence to face opponents and the game itself. Just imagine if you didn’t have that.

The form of concern can be shown by congratulating the winner of the bet. That attitude will also give you a sense of joy by itself, because you are able to accept the situation. Meanwhile, the belief that you can win by continuing to never give up is a form of perseverance.

Justice (Justice)
In simple terms, justice does seem to be a little difficult if it has to be applied in the field of gambling. But it’s actually not impossible either. Some behaviors that can shape justice in a person include being pious, honest, not discriminating, and also playing fairly.
Even so, not all of these behaviors can be shown in gambling games . Call it piety, where is it compatible with gambling? Honesty and fair play is the easiest thing. Even though gambling is full of tricks, you can’t possibly play as a cheater right?

There are four behaviors that reflect simplicity, namely discipline, courtesy, self-control, and being decent. In gambling these four behaviors are of course quite easy to demonstrate.
For example, self-discipline and self-control are behaviors that must be possessed, because without them you shouldn’t have to play. Decent attitude and courtesy may feel inappropriate in a gambling game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

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